We are experienced, professionals who are here to help.

At Step Right Podiatry we know keeping mobile is one of the most important things we can do! When you have foot pain, you have a serious problem – we understand this.

Foot health is so important to an independent life, it’s only when you have foot issues that you realise how significant the effect of foot pain can be. Foot pain directly correlates with falls, poor nutrition, and reduction in peoples ‘quality of life’. Keeping independent maximises our opportunities.

Podiatrists are best placed to help with your foot problems, we have completed a comprehensive BSc with Honours medical degree in Podiatric medicine which covers all aspects of foot care, risk assessment, pharmacology and the management of various foot conditions. We are the feet experts! At Step Right Podiatry in Harton, we have advanced training to help you with all kinds of painful issues and complications.

Our clinic in Harton village, South Shields is newly refurbished with quality medical equipment ready to deliver excellence in condition management.

Richard Shirbon, lead podiatrist says;

“I’m proud to have built an excellent reputation in helping people. I am extremely passionate about my business and strive for excellence in all areas. We are a very small business, and this keeps things personal and ensures quality can be delivered to patients every day. We have an excellent skill base in our clinic and for such a small team we can boast over 70 years of care experience. What we deliver is a ‘first-class’ service, I would not be happy with any less”

Exciting news!!

We are excited to announce that we have extended our service into S Walton Eyecare, 515 Stanhope Road, South Shields, NE334QX. Booking can be made in the usual way, on the website or by calling 0191 4556089 and asking for Stanhope Road clinic. This clinic has easy access from the Metro, at Tyne Dock station, only 3 minutes walk. There is a small step on entry, but we have a half step to help with access. We also have a wheelchair ramp and the rooms are accessible for everyone