Age Concern Tyneside South. 

We have an exceptional service for supporting people in South Tyneside, called ACTS. If you need any support as an older person, they’re there to help you with all kinds of practical advice, guidance and even form filling and dealing with other organisations on your behalf.

ACTS – We support the older people of South Tyneside

We champion the issues that are important to older people and positively challenge negative perceptions of ageing.
We provide services and activities that maintain their choice and control, improve well-being and enable healthier and happier ageing.

Get In Touch
If you are 50+ live in South Tyneside, have any worries or concerns,
need a little bit of support or just want some socialisation with friendly people.
call us on 0191 456 6903 or email us at

We are open Monday/Thursday 9:00am – 4:30pm, Fri. 8:30am – 4:00pm and Sat. 9:00am – 12:30pm

Please use this link to be directed to their website to find out more.

Arts for Wellbeing

Arts 4 Wellbeing excels in stimulating vulnerable people of South Tyneside, particularly those with existing or potential mental health issues, learning difficulties and or disabilities, using high-quality arts, academic studies and creative experiences that encourage personal development and valuable social interaction for individuals who are often most marginalised within society. We will continue to create a safe and protecting environment allowing every member to further their confidence in all aspects of life.

Arts 4 Wellbeing allows members to feel that sense of security and independence. There are currently over 100 active members who access the services at the centre, which is open 5 days a week, excluding public holidays. The vast proportion of our members are introduced to the service through health and social care referral mechanisms.

We are a centre of excellence for creativity, academic and life skills. The centre continues to address social exclusion and push this as a main priority. Our building is a bungalow, which is designed to ensure spaces are shared and members are able to meet and chat; make new friends and interact with members and staff. The centre is disabled-friendly and has access to all amenities needed for them.

Members’ health and well-being is paramount, and this is maintained through a combination of onsite and offsite activities. Ensuring good health and well-being and achieving good health outcomes is an important part of each member’s experience at Arts 4 Wellbeing.

Each member has a plan which contains the health outcomes to be achieved as advised by our partners who are involved in their care. This plan is reviewed regularly by the appropriate partners and medical professionals. Arts 4 Wellbeing works in partnership with a range of health agencies supporting and equipping members with skills to manage their individual mental health and wellbeing needs.

Members are encouraged to eat healthy, and the menu is carefully planned to ensure a varied and nutritious diet with a range of food which is attractive and appetising.

Outdoor activities and physical activities form part of our service. Once again, this package is bespoke to the individual’s needs, desires and aspirations.

Arts 4 Wellbeing is person-centred and a desired place to make members open up and feel self-worth.

To find out more about this award-winning, excellent service, please use this link or call 0191 454 4004

Combined Touch

Combined Touch is a not-for-profit social enterprise developed with its service users in mind. Our day centre is available five days per week and is aimed at service users with early onset to mid-stage dementia.

Now, having been granted, approval by the Care Quality Commission we are also offering domiciliary care to support people who wish to remain independent.

The purpose of our day centre is to combat social isolation and help support older people and people with dementia to maintain a good quality, full, independent and interesting life.

We welcome volunteers and actively encourage retired people to come along either to sit and chat, have a cup of tea and a bite to eat, or join us to provide support and assistance to our service users. We hope that by doing this, our service users will gain confidence and a sense of purpose.

Our days are structured but not regimented, and our service users are encouraged to use their minds and bodies in both physical and mental exercises, chatter, dance and music.

In addition to the centre, we offer domiciliary care, assistance and support at home such as helping to de-clutter, downsize to a new home, organise an existing home or move to a residential or family setting. Companionship and help with outings are also services we provide (such as cooking, cleaning, trips to the hospital/social occasions, etc).

Please use this link to be directed to their website to find out more.

Keep Fit for over 50’s



Hospitality and Hope, South Tyneside

This charity helps people who find themselves needing some help for whatever reason. It is a great resource and can help people with food, housing and looking after your health and wellbeing. You can have access via different channels, including self-referral.

Hospitality and Hope is a local charity working at grassroots level in South Shields, South Tyneside in the North-East of England. Founded in 2002 with help from local church volunteers who identified a need to support homeless and vulnerable people in the area. They began by walking the streets and offering hot drinks and sandwiches to those in need.

From there, a local organisation offered the use of their car park where hot food was given from the back of a van. Following the successful trial, they offered the use of their hall. Links with other organisations were developed, support extended to four soup kitchens and premises offering space for various core services.

Since then, we have grown and developed, with the volunteers always at the centre of what we do. The last few years have been a period of rapid and exciting growth, with the launch of our supported accommodation unit, our community café and new wellbeing activities for our clients. Our team of Trustees, staff and volunteers, are passionate about the work that we do. Moving forward we need to improve and extend further the benefits to our client groups.

Hospitality and Hope currently supports vulnerable individuals and families living on the margins of society, many are experiencing poverty and some are forced to sleep rough, suffering alcoholism, drug addiction, repeated spells in prison and mental health issues. Clients are living in a cycle of deprivation, with poor physical/mental health and living on the fringes of society. Demand is increasing yearly and the rollout of Universal Credit has impacted the area greatly, particularly during school holidays.

Contact can be made by pressing this link or by calling; 0191 4203336